the *Open Your Art* atelier

Every Wednesday, between 1-8pm, Angela Black, artist and illustrator, will be in the studio to share her personal art practice with youth artists.  

This fall's theme is, "Little Worlds".


fall season atelier artist in residence:  Angela Black

Angelas Black will be the atelier artist creatively mentoring beginner, intermediate, and advanced artists. Processes in bookbinding, illustration, printmaking, paper engineering, and sculpture will be presented; a whimsical, flexible, and youth artist-led approach using prepared curriculum and high-end media.  Ange is super-pumped to share one heckuva journey into many "Little Worlds" this fall, expect some miniature toy design, dioramas, zines, paintings, stuffies, ceramic wares, and many other inspired, tiny creations from the great beyond of child imagination.

Guest professional studio artists will be regularly joining Angela to enrich the atelier experience while supporting youth artists.

*Press ENROLL in the site taskbar to register, hover over the photographs to find beginner, intermediate, and advanced program options

*Limited spaces available each season

Youth artist work will be featured in a winter art show for families and friends to enjoy with the community at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre!




the beginner atelier experience

Beginner artists need no previous experience, they will be guided with weekly projects in a process-art-play style, very sensory rich and satisfying creative media explorations!  

Each week will present a featured Open Your Art media curricula that carries the term's theme and supports skill development in drawing, painting, book-binding, printmaking, paper engineering, sculpture, ceramics, and toy design.  

Youth artist work will be featured in a winter art show of many, many little worlds!


gelli print.jpg

the intermediate atelier experience

Intermediate and returning artists will have the opportunity to lead their own program by choosing from over 100 Open Your Art curriculum projects in our studio library to customize within their chosen media.

Leadership skills within the art community begin as youth artists learn to build a portfolio, develop a cohesive body of work/create with a theme, prepare for and take part in a "Little Worlds" group art show, print a book, design a ware.

Each week will support process-art-play and youth artist-led design while developing skills in: drawing, painting, book-binding, printmaking, paper engineering, toy-making, sculpture, textiles, and ceramics.

the advanced atelier experience

Okay advanced artists, now it’s your time to explore some of the forbidden art media to hone your creative vision into some glorious wares using:



*awls, felting needles, and all sorts of fine sharps

*pottery wheel

*woodburning tools


The advanced Open Your Art atelier gives youth artists an opportunity to be mentored in studio practices that involve complex processes, potentially dangerous tools and art media. Advanced artists will also be exploring the theme, “Little Worlds”, and will be working toward a group art show. Leadership skills and the use of art to create a positive social impact will be introduced and nurtured.